Grotoko is an art rock project created by composer, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist, Blue McLeod.  The project draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as classical music, punk rock, folk, grunge, as well as of course, Blue’s own experiences and the world around them.  The name Grotoko comes from a mix between the words, grotesque and rococo.


While often using confessional, optimistic, sarcastic, or sometimes nearly nonsensical lyrics to describe various experiences and emotions, Grotoko also uses a wide variety of musical colours and textures to create a sort of collage of sounds, when words might not necessarily be enough.  Grotoko’s first milestone was the release its first two singles, “The Waiting” and “January Bird Calls” which were released in August, 2016.  Both of these singles were later re-recorded and featured on Grotoko’s first album, entitled, We All Fall Down, which was released in July of 2017.


On December 31st, Grotoko released an acoustic album entitled “Grotoko Says Happy New Year”, featuring live acoustic versions of songs from upcoming albums as well as We All Fall Down. 


Grotoko’s most recent milestone was its first Western Canada tour in January 2020 alongside Winnipeg punk rocker Greg Rekus.  Grotoko is currently working towards releasing its second album, Periwinkle, which will be released later on in the year of 2020.